Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Random Things About Me

I thought I would post some random things about myself.
The good, bad and ugly. Haha. It's fun to get to know your
fellow bloggers better. I have to tell you...It's really hard
writing about ones self. Here it goes!!

1) I hate mayo. I know that is harsh but there is no other way
for me to tell you this. I can 100 percent guarantee you that you
will never see a mayo recipe here. lol
2) I'm afraid to fly. Every time I land I could kiss the ground.
3) My original hair color is black. When I was little my dad
would tell me that it was a gift from god to have black hair and
blue eyes. When I turned 14 I colored it blond.
4) I did not start cooking until I was 25.
5) I tell jokes when I'm nervous.
6) My lucky number is 4 .
7) I'm passionate about Boston sports teams.
8) I own over 100 cookbooks and love to curl up and read
them like they are novels.
9) I gave birth to all my children with out any pain relief.
10) I'm a procrastinator. I like to say that I do my best work
at the last minute.
11) I'am slightly OCD.
12) Im a giver and great friend.
13) I'm the youngest of 6 children.
14) I have a crush on Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out.
15) When I was a little girl...I knew I'd live in California
16) I had my gall bladder out 4 years ago.
17) I love flossing my teeth.
18) I could live off of bread and desserts.
19) The country scares me.
20) My dad died in a car accident when I was 25.
21) I'm a city kinda gal.
22) I have an addiction to many things, blazers, black shirts,
make-up, bags, and shoes.
23) I can't function in the morning without my coffee.
24) I'm a doodler. I love to doodle on paper random things.
25) I have a routine in the shower. Don't you?
26) I can not swim. "GASP"
27) I sleep only 5 hours a night.
28) I'am a full on girlie girl.
29) I love decorating just as much as I love cooking.
30) I have a huge heart and I love life, my family and friends


  1. love this!!! thanks for sharing!

  2. love this! and i have a major crush on jeff lewis too! :)

  3. Aww I love getting to know Val better. Lunch this week?

  4. Ooh how fun to get to know you better! Thanks letting us in. :)

  5. Love it, especially the Boston Sports Fan! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Great to get to know you better! I also HATE mayo!! YUCK! Makes me want to gag just thinking about it! lol

  7. I know many a person that hates mayo! Nice to know more about you

  8. Nice to learn more about you- #7 totally agree and #9 GO GIRL! ;)

  9. I love reading about my fellow blogger friends. But, # 20 Tragic.

  10. You're so cute. Thanks for sharing a little piece of you today! Ditto on #4,8, and 25! :)

  11. This is adorable! Very great post! And I hate mayo too! :) You are a special chick, for sure!!

  12. I love this!! You are such a fun person! You go girl on all natural childbirth!
    And I totally have a shower routine.

  13. You are one gorgeous girl! What a great photo! I love that you did this and it just makes me like you even more knowing these things about you! I was thinking it would be fun to start having folks submit questions to answer every once in awhile. We all feel like we know each other so well and yet we really only scratch the surface most of the time. Thanks so much for sharing with us! :-)

  14. HATE MAYO TOO!!!.. especially Cains. (gack) You know.. when you said you had a shower routine I thought "really??"...and then I thought again. I certainly do. Just never thought about it.

    First child no pain meds, second.. EPIDURAL OR I'LL KILL YOU!!!!...

    I actually said that. *sigh*

  15. And you are beautiful!! Thanks girl for a better look into you!!! So sorry about the loss of your dad. I commend you for the no drugs for childbirth! I asked the moment I found out I was pregnant! :) And I can leave flying to the birds too!

  16. Thanks for sharing....(And love to floss...hate to fly...and only sleep 5 hours a night too:))))

    Have a wonderful new week!!!!!

  17. Hi Val- you are beautiful! Fun to know a bit more about you! I hate mayo too btw! :)

  18. Wow, such a fun read... but GURL... put swimming on your list!!!

  19. i loved reading all these fun things about you girl! i too hate mayo!! and i would love to live off bread and deserts--is there anything better??

  20. Love this post!! Guess what? I only sleep about 5 hours a night too! ;) ~Liz

  21. So fun to learn new things about you! Also, I just have to say, you look sooo pretty in that photo :) BTW, I hate mayo too, am a little OCD, bread and deserts, but of course...and natural childbirth...I've been there. OUCH!

  22. Val, Your just so cute! I presented you an award. Please hop on over and "pick" it up :D

  23. And you are beautiful! :) Thanks for sharing!

  24. You are soooo pretty!! :)
    Love this post.
    So fun to get to know you better. :)
    I am going to make your chicken cordon bleu penne for dinner tonight. :) You are my source for good recipes!

  25. We have so many things in common! My lucky number is 4 as well, I kinda have a crush on Jeff Lewis (too bad he's not on our team lol), and I'm a bit OCD ;)

  26. Oh I heart Jeff Lewis too!!!!

  27. WOW... i would have never guessed about the black hair. the blonde really suits you. :)

    your dad passed away when you were 25 and you started cooking at 25... any relation?

  28. Great post! I'm trying to picture you with black hair! I can't!! #20 made me tear up - way too young an age to lose your dad. :(

    Love that you curl up with cookbooks!!

  29. Hey, thanks for sharing!

    You forgot you're a good cook! ;)

  30. So good to read more about you! (I'm skeeved out by mayo too :P)

  31. I so could live off just bread and desserts!! ;)

  32. such an awesome post Val!! I also love Jeff Lewis. I want to work for him. You go girl! I can't belive you used no pain meds for three births. You are a REAL woman. LOL.

  33. how fun! what a great list!

    thanks for coming by my blog- I will definitely be frequenting here!

  34. love your list! i feel the same way about flying!

  35. I love random posts! They are so much fun.

  36. SO cute! Love learning about other bloggers. I love Jeff Lewis...and definitely a girlie girl just like you! (:

  37. You are too funny! Target and carb addict's unite!!! I can't even imagine you with black hair! You are stunning with blond, but I'm sure black would be awesome too! I am your newest follower and thanks for coming by and checking me out! (That sounded weird)

  38. Oh, by the way, my kids turned the volume up on my computer, so when I went to your blog the music scared the you know what out of me!!! I nearly peed my pants!

  39. This is my first time visiting your blog. LOVE IT! I too curl up and read cookbooks as if they were novels. I too do not know how to swim; but that doesn't keep me out of the pool or ocean! Aaaand I too only get 4-5 hours of sleep before I'm refreshed and ready for the next day! Thanks for sharing your life and all the great things you create!

  40. Thank you all for enjoying this post! Makes me happy!!

  41. ITS TRULY INSANE HOW MUCH WE HAVE IN COMMON.. WOW! sorry about your daddy! ;( You are awesome and your food is beautiful and I think if we lived near each other we would be bestest friends. HUGS LOVES, jen

  42. I so love this! I truly feel like I know you! We have a ton in common - Thanks for sharing!


  43. This is my first time visiting your blog. We have quite a few things in common, including the severe hatred of mayo (won't even touch it) and the crush on Jeff Lewis (I'd let him berate me anytime!)

  44. Val I saw this post on your sidebar when I came to visit today. So fun to get to know you better! I wish you were still a Boston girl! So sorry about your dad........and you are my hero for giving birth to your kids sans pain meds. Love that someone else loves cookbooks as much as me!

  45. Very cute! I love your blog and the pictures. I can't wait to try out your recipes.

  46. It's nice to get to know you better! Black hair blond, I love this! I'm naturally blond and I've gone to the dark side - to much maintenance for me. Thanks so much for sharing.

  47. I love this post! I have loved getting to know you through your blog! You take the most beautiful pictures of your food and every recipe I have tried so far has been wonderful!


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