Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Fourteen years ago today, I gave birth to most wonderful
little boy you have ever seen. The moment I looked into
his stunningly dark blue eyes, I fell so in love. From the
day you were born I knew you were so special.
You are brilliantly smart, charming, witty and beyond
compassionate. You are the best brother any sibling could
ever have and the most wonderful son a mom could ever
hope for. You are my heart and my soul and the sparkle in
my eyes. Happy Fourteenth Birthday, Ethan!!!!! I love you.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ETHAN, WHAT A QT! you can tell he is a sweetheart. Your description of him sounds like my Preston to a T! have a good one VAL, jenn

  2. Aww, this post almost made my eyes well up with tears! How precious : ) Happy, happy birthday to Ethan!

    Lots of love,

  3. He really is so special!! I just tear thinking about him. Amazing how time has flown by and each year marks something more special about him. = )

  4. oh how sweet! Happy Birthday to Ethan!!

  5. Aww! What a sweet post and he looks like a charmer! Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! :) Time sure does fly, doesn't it??


  7. What a cute boy :) I'm glad I stopped by !! By the way I'm your newest follower :) I can't wait to read more !!

  8. Happy Birthday Ethan!! I can tell he's a charmer, so handsome! Your description was so heartfelt, and I know he will read this and realize that he has a very special mother, too! Thanks for sharing such beautiful sentiments.

  9. Happy belated Birthday to your son! What a great post marking his special day!

  10. OH, hey! Happy birthday to your son! My twins turned 14 on the 25th.

    Btw, your home is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.


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