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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011, Year In Review!!!

                    This recipe was/is my all-time most popular recipe. To this day it gets the
              most views than any other post. Simple, fresh and delicious is always a winning

               Well ladies, it's that time of the year again...This is my yearly round up post
        of all of my favorite goodies of the past year and your favorites as well. It has been
        quite a delicious year for me and a great year of growth and finding myself. Thanks-
        for sharing this ride with me. I look forward to 2012 and bringing you the best of me.


                                           I loved these fun treats and they are so perfect for children.

                                                    A perfect and easy way to eat sherbet!

                                              A sinfully delish cake that the entire family will love.

                                      There are very few words to describe how incredible this shake is.

                                                    One of life's greatest one bowl!

                                                 Oh, I could eat you everyday with pleasure!

                                                 Every once in awhile we all need a great cocktail.
                                                  This would be a perfect New Years Eve, Drink!

                                              I still daydream about how scrumptious this dip was!

                                          I made this meal because of my LOVE for sushi runs deep.

                                                                  A dream come true!!!!!!!

                                         Serve with wine and crust bread and you have a perfect meal.

             There you have it a year in review. It was hard for me to pick and choose. I hope
        2011 was a great year for you all and cheers to a beautiful upcoming 2012!!

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