Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where the magic happens...

The kitchen....the heart of the home. I spend so much
of my time in here. What I love to look at more than
anything in the blogging world is everyone's kitchen.
We are in the process of getting our cabinets painted
and just need to figure out color choices? White, you
say? Oh good!!! I thought so too.


  1. Oh, it's hard to read your blog because I get so jealous! :)

  2. Gorgeous Kitchen~ White would be fabulous, of course! What look are you going for? Cottage? Elegant? We remodeled our 1940 kitchen and stayed with the white cupboards- which I love!- but changed them a bit and also added a black farmhouse island.( I blogged about it a couple weeks ago if you wanted to look at it. ) White cupboards are just gorgeous no matter what in my opinion!

  3. Aww, Gigi!!!! I was thinking antique white and a darker stain or a color for the kitchen island!!! I go back and forth!! i will totally look at yours and see what you did. I love new ideas. But, for sure the island will be different than the cupboards!!

  4. Are you painting them yourselves or hiring out? I'm curious either way because I so want to do ours. Can't wait to see the results! I have countertop envy as well! ;) Love your granite.

  5. It is certainly magical! Your kitchen has an warm, breezy elegant appeal, I just want to sit in the kitchen and have some chai tea with your strawberry bruschetta!!!

  6. I have painted many kitchen cabinets and 2 of my favorite colors are:
    Ben Moore: White Dove
    Sherwin Williams: Creamy
    Another color that I like for the island is Ben Moore: Kingsport Gray HC 86. That is my new "black,brown" that goes with everything!!! I believe you have the same granite I do...Venetian Gold????

    That is my 2 cents!!!

  7. Your kitchen is just gorgeous, Val. Not surprised at all this belongs to you!

  8. Antique white sounds perfect! Love white kitchens.

  9. I think your kitchen is gorgeous as is but I do understand wanting a change. I"m planning to paint my island a dark brown & do the cabinets some sort of creamy white. Not really sure yet. I can't wait to see how yours turns out.

  10. Hey love your home, Totally Beautiful home I love your style, A New Follower I will so be back-
    I too live off of coffee-carbs, junk, creating and sharing and absalute no sleep..
    Glad to of found ya..

  11. Wow, what a beautiful kitchen! I'm envious! You are so right though, it is the heart of the home! Really great blog! Looking forward to visiting often!

  12. Thank you all for the awesome comments and suggestions!!! You make my day brighter.

  13. I love white cabinets! So fresh and clean!

  14. Gorg. VAL! GORG. I adore your kitchen, if that was my kitchen I would NEVER LEAVE, and cook all day. I love your table by the way, and I would paint the cabinets white like the table, with dark black knobs and make the cabinets look worn a little on the edges. My kitchen is pooo, Or i WOULD SHOW IT. HA! I LOVE YOUR DECORATED STYLE love! You would be so fun to hang out with. Hugs, Jenn

  15. Your kitchen is really beautiful and I think white would be gorgeous!

  16. So beautiful!! I'm also addicted to looking at kitchens to file away "the dream kitchen" in my mind. Thanks so much for linking up to style feature saturday! -shaunna :)

  17. Go for the white!!!

    My girlfriend sanded, primed, and painted her own kitchen cabinet doors and afterwords said she wish she just would have hired someone to do it because it was so much work.

    Whatever you decide I'm sure it will look great. :)

  18. That is the perfect kitchen!

  19. Bee-yoo-tee-ful room!
    One complaint-the pictures are too small!
    I did click on them to enlarge them :)
    When's dinner?
    Or lunch?
    Or breakfast!?
    I could eat all day in here ;)
    I'm partial to my white kitchen, too!
    Blessings to you as you make your home!


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