Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Admitting You Have A Problem!!!

Admitting is the first step to recovery with my love affair
with make up. So today is the day that I came to terms with an
addiction, I love so much. When I walk into a mall and see
a Bare Escentuals store it's like a light is above it and it's just
guiding me in. Buy me, You need me, You want me. Yes, I get
very weak and cave. I guess it would not be that bad if I only
had this addiction, But...I'm addicted to shoes and bags. The
list goes on. I will post my other Love's soon. What is your
guilty pleasure?


  1. You are to funny... i LOVE MAKEUP TOO. I so would wear any one of those lipglosses... totally the colors I would buy wear and use. Love it! Hugs, jen

  2. Makeup is a problem with me also. sigh! My bathroom looks like a science lab (hubby's words). I also love Bare Escentuals, but only have a fraction of your you own every color? Ha! I also have a problem with handbags, but I was good this summer and pulled a barely used one out to use.

  3. This is amazing. I LOVE bare essentials also :)

  4. I am sooooo addicted to shoes & purses!!! I just love them & can't seem to help myself!

  5. I seem to have the same addiction;)! Bare Escentuals is the best...I could stay and play in there for hours!

    I also love bags and shoes...fresh flowers and candles candles candles! I have to buy a candle almost every time I go shopping!

    Sadly my list of addictions is way to long to cover in one comment;)!


  6. LOL - I am the same way!! I am always looking for the miracle makeup. I really do use Bare Escentuals though. It is great stuff!


  7. Hi Val,
    Wowsers!! You have just a little bit of make up there-lol! I am addicted to so many things it's not even funny! I would say antiques would be one (furniture, especially! Kind of hard to collect that!!) and Coach...ughhhh. I have been curbing that addiction lately though as I haven't found any bags that have really been talking to me in almost a year. The list could go on and on and on...

  8. I love Bare Escentuals too - although, I really don't have that much. What I do have, I love. My guilt pleasure??? Hmmm....clothes. If I'm going to buy something it will be a clothing item. I like to go to TJ Maxx and see how much I can save :) (even though I'm spending -- oh the irony ;))

  9. Hi Val! Thanks so much for stopping by Homespun Kitchen! Following in return:)

    My guilty pleasure is antique stores. Oh.My.Heavens. The smell, looking for those special trinkets, LOVE them!!

  10. My guilty pleasure? A bit weird I'm sure. Cooking magazines! ARGH!

  11. Really? :)I love Bare Minerals but wow, not that much apparently.

  12. I love bare minerals too! I'm trying really hard to get into purses (would you believe I don't have a single one?) but I feel guilty every time I go to buy one! I really need to get over that. ;)

    Oh, and I just read Brenda, definitely cooking magazines as well!

  13. The funny part about this is...I did not know I had that much because most of it comes in packages from QVC and I just kept them in the original boxes. But, today I combined it all and realized that I will never have to buy any again!! I love that all of you collect things too.

  14. I am following you but google won't put my picture up for some reason...I am 129!
    Anyways. Yes, i have a lot of things i love and would buy but with a husband who works as much as he does...I never get to the mall...I am lucky to get what i need dragging a nagging child in the stores...Anyways. Love bare essentials too :)
    Love Martha Stewart paint...Love paint!
    Thank you for saying hi :) And for the follow.

  15. Holy cow, girl! That is some collection. I guess I collect fabric...and ribbon. I can't walk away from a pretty spool of ribbon.

  16. This is unbelievable!! Thank you for this post because it makes me feel that I am not so crazy after all. I have every single eye shadow MAC has ever made. I swear, it really is a sickness, but I just can't resist when I pass that store. It is like candy to me. I try not to think that it's not a "real" problem but it kinda is....??!! I also do it with the lipgloss too.
    LOVE this post, girl!! I'm showing this to my hubs the minute he gets home because he swears I'm the only eyeshadow addiction!!!!!

  17. Jen, that seriously made me laugh. As much as you needed to see this, I needed to hear someone else has this crazy make up addiction. What you are not seeing is my collection of Mac, Smashbox, Tarte, and many other brands. This was my BE collection. Now, In my defense..I have been buying Bare Escentuals for over 10 years. This was not like one year of shopping. Could you imagine? haha.

  18. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post about Jealousy. :) Hmm, I have to think about what I'm really obsessed with. LOL. With makeup, I love all of the variety but I stick to the same basic stuff, with a few eyeshadow options and a couple lip glosses. I don't wear makeup everyday (I work from home many days) and I try to keep it all fresh by replacing them regularly so they stay clean and hygienic.

    As far as my weakness-it may very well be panties. I have over 100 pairs and my friends tell me this is definitely not the norm. I'm a big proponent of having underwear in tip-top shape (dryers can destroy them in a short time).

    You could open up your own store with all of your lovely makeup selections! You must have a blast getting all done up. :)


  19. I cannot believe how much eyeshadow you have - you lucky lady! My weakness? Gossip Magazines...US Weekly, InTouch, People (especially the Style Watch edition)...I am a huge sucker at the check-out line!

  20. I love bare essentials! McAlister's tea is my guilty pleasure and maybe magazines! Good luck with the recovery effort, lol!

  21. i'm addicted to anything cute, from shoes to clothes to home decor. and i especially can't say no to a good deal!

  22. I couldn't have described the addiction better myself. I guess BE is my guiltily pleasure as well. I'm always hiding the QVC boxes from the Hubby, and when I come home from the boutique, I hide my items in my huge purse. Besides BE I also love skin care, hair products, shoes, and purses! I love being a girl!!

  23. Tarnished silver. Anything with a Patina actually. It's a problem actually...
    I fantasize about stealing old hardware and signs (and sometimes even t
    he bricks) off of chippy old buildings. :O

    i am so glad you found my blog today so that i could find YOURS! LOVE IT!

    vintage gypsy

  24. Thanks for the blog visit and comment today! Love meeting new blog friends. Are those pics really of all your makeup? Girl-you really do have a problem! Tee-hee.

  25. Ok, now it is your turn to show us how you organize all that!
    Bonnie :)

  26. I would have to say that chairs are my guilty pleasure...and chairs that need work! I buy them off Craigslist and at garage sales and then they pile up in my basement because I don't have any time to pretty them up!

    And thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting today...your blog is lovely!

  27. i TOTALLY get it!!!! i have a make-up and shoe addiction my vice is MAC eyeshadow and jessica simpson shoes... ok all beautiful shoes... you are too funny... the picture totally cracked me up!

  28. VALERIE MC******!!! LOL =)

    (I wasn't sure if you posted your full name or not)

  29. Hilarious!!! I think I'll be giggling the entire day, totally ValSoCal!!!!! My guilty pleasure is your blog!!!! Love checking it, it's like that piece of mail you've been waiting for, always a treat! XOXOXOXOXO

  30. HILARIOUS!!!!! Maybe you should become a makeup artist. You most certainly have the supplies. LOL!! My weakness is purses, pocketbooks, bags...any which way you want to say it. ;)

  31. Val- I have to ask. What are your favorite neutral/golden/brown/smoky eye shadows from Bare Escentuals? I just saw this post and I too am OBSESSED with makeup and I also love Bare!!!!


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