Saturday, January 29, 2011

My baby is 5 today!

Today is my precious girl turned 5 years old. It's been a very bitter
sweet day. This child brings so much joy in my life.

Here is a list of very important thing's in Avery's life right now!

* She love's Disney Princesses but Ariel is her favorite and she told
me 2 months ago that her name was no longer Avery Madison and I
now need to call her by the name Avery Ariel "this makes me giggle"
* She is obsessed with squinkies and carries a 100 of them in a ziplock
bag and they go every where with us. Pic above of what they look like.
* Her favorite book is, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. She
pretty much reads the entire book with me.
* She still loves her pink blankie she has had since birth and can't go
to bed at night with out it.
* Life right now is all about the color pink and that's why I made you
a 3 tier pink birthday cake.
* Her favorite movie's are The little mermaid and Despicable me.
* She eats sushi...."makes me so proud"
* Love's to dance and sing. We just bought kids bop and she likes it a lot.
* Very outgoing and says hello to everyone.
* When anyone tells her she is cute..her reply is I'm gorgeous!! hehe
* Favorite foods at the moment..spaghetti with meat sauce, apples,
grapes, PB&J and all sweets.

Avery, I love watching you-I love your curly hair-I love the way your
blue eyes sparkle-I love how your little voice melts my heart-
I love the little spaces between your teeth- I love that your sassy-
I love everything about you-I love that you call me momma, It's the
best feeling, ever! You are my girl and I love you.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little cute! :D

  2. Happy Birthday to your baby girl! She has the sweetest blue eyes! My youngest is 6. They grow so fast. I have no idea what Squinkies are but the name is funny. My boys like Despicable Me, too. Enjoy her special day! ~Michelle :)

  3. awww she is adorable Val! My daughter will be 5 in March! I can totally relate to your feelings. I think we need to feature her as a cool kid! ;) Happy Birthday to your little sweetie!

  4. She is a sweetheart! Sometimes I wish we could stop time! Happy Birthday Avery:)

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet Avery! She is a DOLL : )

  6. She sounds so fun! Love the I'm gorgeous statement! Love it! Happy Birthday Avery!

  7. What a sweetheart! Hope her day was full of wonder! The cake is perfect :)

  8. Aww Happy Birthday!! She is so cute!! She looks like you. Cake is so pretty.

  9. Oh Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!
    What a sweetheart:)
    (My baby is 9 tomorrow:) Sad in a way huh?)
    Looks like you had a wonderful celebration- beautiful cake!!

  10. I have a 5 year old, too! :) Such a fun age.
    My 8 year old daughter loves the little Squinkies . . . I keep finding them everywhere. Happy Birthday to your sweet "baby". :)

  11. Awww Val, what a beautiful girl, heartwarming sentiment, gorgeous pink cake for gorgeous Avery Ariel! Can I have a piece? ....

    I just brought my college girl's American Girl dolls out of the basement boxes and washed their clothes and put them on her bed because she was coming home for the weekend - how I miss those days!

  12. What a beauty, she looks just like her mommy! =) Happy Birthday!! My girl's have the same!

    Happy Sunday! XOXO ~Liz

  13. okay, I'm sitting here drinking my tea and now how big tears in my eyes. Ah, this little girl is just beautiful. I know that mama love for her girls and there is nothing in the world better!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVERY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Happy Bday Avery! ahhh, 5 is such a great age! Enjoy her, Val! hugs, Cathy

  15. Happy Birthday Beauty!!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend. She looks like her Mamma. <3

  16. Hi VAl! Come on over to my blog & pick up your Versatile Blogger Award!! hugs, Cathy

  17. i have a feeling our five year olds would get along just great!

  18. she is too cute! hope you have fun celebrating!!

  19. Happy Birthday to the beautiful princess! She is adorable Val!! My daughter loved princesses at that age too and she still has her pink blankie that her grandma made her at birth, she will be 13 next month! :) The cake looks amazing and I bet she had the best day!! :)

  20. Happy Birthday sweet little Avery!!~ Pretty cake too:)

  21. happy birthday to your sweet little girl. Ariel is my favorite and i still sleep with my pink blankie from birth and i'm 27 years old.

  22. Avery is so cute! I have a 5 year old too! Aren't they so much fun!

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is too cute!

  24. She is GORGEOUS! And she looks like a little doll. Happy Birthday to her!

  25. PS - I want some of that PINK cake!!!

  26. Oh my goodness Val, she is so darling! Those big blue eyes are beautiful and my own little girl has just started down the road of loving all things "princess". She told me she wished she had "wiggly" hair like Snow White...a.k.a. curly hair! LOL! Happy birthday to your sweet girl and great job on that pinkalicious cake!

  27. Awww!!! What a little sweetheart!! Happy Belated Birthday to her!!

    I want that cake! Yummy! :)

  28. She is absolutely adorable! I know that she had an awesome Birthday! My Riley will turn 5 soon. I love that age. Wish they would stay there just a bit longer!

  29. What a beautiful post! I'm sure that's one you'll come back to and treasure in years to come. I rmember people telling me when my eldest was a baby that the time would fly. I didn't believe them then. Each day seemed one endless stream of nappies!! But he's ten now!!

    Too quick!


  30. Awww Happy Birthday Avery!!! I hope y'all had a great day together.

  31. she is a doll!! and what a cute post:) you are a great mom! that cake is darling too!

  32. She is gorgeous, just like her mama! Happy birthday! xo

  33. This is sooo sweet! She's adorable and it cracks me up she told you to call her Avery Ariel :)

    Happy Birthday Avery (I love that name!)
    Would she share a piece of cake?? It looks fabulous!

  34. Happy Birthday to your little girl...she is adorable! I love her big blue eyes. I think it's cute how she changed her middle name to Ariel. My daughter insists that here middle name is cupcake :)

  35. Happy (belated) birthday Avery! Enjoy every moment! the fifth birthday feels like a month ago, and now all of a sudden mine's 10!!!
    I love when our kids like the stuff we really like- so fun to be a momma! The cake is gorgeous!


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