Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Marinara Sauce

           Making a homemade marinara sauce is so simple and easy to make. Sure you can
           buy a jar sauce and it's good. But once you make your own sauce...it just seems
           to make any Italian dish better. It makes a perfect base for your meatballs, spaghetti,
           lasagna, every thing tastes better with homemade sauce.

           This recipe makes a big batch and it freezes beautifully in airtight containers.

                                                                         Marinara Sauce

                                                      4 tablespoons olive oil
                                                      2 ( 28 ounce ) can crushed tomatoes ( san marzano )
                                                      1 ( 28 ounce ) can tomato sauce
                                                      1 ( 28 ounce ) can whole tomatoes, crush with hands
                                                      1 onion, chopped
                                                      7 cloves of garlic, minced
                                                      1/2 can of water
                                                      2 tablespoons tomato paste ( optional )
                                                      8 basil leaves, torn
                                                      1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
                                                      1/2 teaspoon oregano
                                                      1 1/2 teaspoon salt
                                                      1 teaspoon pepper
                                                      1 tablespoon sugar
                                                      1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
                                                      a dash of garlic powder and onion powder - optional

       1) Heat olive oil in a large pot and cook onions until almost done and add your garlic
       and cook for 1 minute, add tomato paste salt pepper and stir well. Add your tomatoes
       and the rest of the ingredients and cook for 45 minutes. Taste and adjust your -
       seasoning as needed.

       Note - this would be great for Sunday " Gravy " aka sauce. Add your favorite
       sausage, meatballs, or add meat for a great meat sauce. The sky is the limit.


  1. SO beautiful! I want to eat this straight from the jar please!

  2. I am trying this ASAP. I've never been successful making it on my own. I'm excited. Love,

    Shauna xo

  3. Gorgeous! I've never tried homemade sauce before, this looks like a winner.

  4. Hi Sweets! We're having spaghetti for dinner and now I'm so excited - you've got me craving marinara!

  5. Hi Val just found your fabulous blog! This looks so delicious and is making me super hungry :)

  6. This is very similar to the one my aunt taught me to make after she spent time in Italy. Sadly, I can no longer eat tomatoes ( tomato products) due to an allergy. But, it beats the stuff in the jar hands down!

  7. Looks like we'll be having spaghetti for dinner tonight! those are gorgeous pictures you've posted!

  8. Dean always makes his own but it seems so hard to me. Of course pretty much everything in the kitchen seems hard to me.

  9. I've always wanted to make my own sauce. This looks like a great place to start!

  10. The vibrant color looks just so delicious. I'd like to try your recipe.

  11. Ohh!!! This is something I've been dying to try and you make it sound so easy and delicious. Pinning now for when I get the motivation to execute :)

  12. Yum!! This looks great and I bet it would freeze well, too!

  13. You are so right !! Love this sauce for any recipe!

  14. I've been wondering what kind of tomatoes you use. Good to know!

  15. I love, love, love homemade marinara sauce. I agree that it transforms any Italian dish! I can't wait to try your recipe!

  16. Just got back home to Wisconsin from sunny and warm California so a pot of warm marinara sounds perfect. Your recipe sounds delicious!

  17. This sauce looks like a beauty!! I really need to learn how to make marinara sauce like this. So, thanks!!


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