Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chicken Marsala with Egg Noodles

                   Italian food is truly the key to my heart. I'd say 90 percent of all dinners I make
                   is Italian. I guess it's in my blood and I just can't seem to get enough. This dish
                     is a great one. It's simple and you can have dinner on the table in no time.

                                                         Chicken Marsala with Egg Noodles

                                                         2 pounds of chicken cutlets - pounded
                                                         1 cup flour
                                                         1 teaspoon salt
                                                         1/2 teaspoon pepper
                                                         1/2 teaspoon oregano
                                                         1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
                                                         1 1/2 to 2 cups sliced mushrooms
                                                         1 cup sweet marsala wine
                                                         1 cup chicken broth
                                                         4 tablespoons olive oil
                                                         2 tablespoons butter

        1) In a shallow dish, mix together flour, salt, pepper, oregano and garlic powder.
        Coat your chicken in the flour mixture and sit aside on plate.

       2) In a large skillet heat olive oil and and cook chicken. You might need to do this
       in 2 batches. Once all of the chicken is cooked set aside on a plate.

       3) In the same skillet add two more tablespoons olive oil and add your mushrooms
       and 1 tablespoon of flour and cook for about 3 minutes. Add the marsala wine and
       scrape all the delicious bits on the bottom and reduce and cook for about 5 minutes.
       Now add your chicken broth and add your chicken to the pan and add the butter
       to the pan and make sure everything gets coated well....

       Note - you can serve this over mashed potatoes or any pasta. I used egg noodles.

                                    This chicken dish is beyond words amazing.



  1. I need to try to make this GF. I think the fam would love it!!!

  2. I could almost taste it!!
    xo Kris

  3. Oh my goodness....i'm sure this will be served in Heaven ;) Looks so good!

  4. Heaven help me! This looks amazing and so easy. Oh my oh my!

  5. Looks good as usual. Very good. :) Love,
    Shauna xoxoxox

  6. Okay, I'm drooling and I'm not even hungry! This looks so delicious.

  7. Oh this is my boys favorite dish,thanks or the recipe Val!

  8. Italian food is my favorite too. I haven't had egg noodles in so long!

  9. This is one of our favorite dishes! I have been amazed how the kids who I never thought would like mushrooms love this one!

  10. everything you make is so dang good and so beautiful! i love pasta and especially with the sauce of chicken marsala

  11. You've got me craving this now! Looks super delicious!

  12. I think we are the same :) Italian food is what's for dinner so many nights in our home. Yum!


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